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RISE Enterprise's goal is to deliver the strategic tools and expert support you need to plan for and respond positively to the hospitality industry's opportunities and challenges. RISE Hospitality takes care of your business from A to Z, in every step, segment and detail…Working together we can position your organisation to meet, and exceed, its performance goals.

CEO's Message


The secret is to stay on top of everything by examining other industries' best practices and staying current on market trends. This enables us to make knowledgeable decisions based on actionable insights and actual metrics. This ensures we're making clever steps when it comes to risk.


- Nasser Al-Kuwari


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By 2020 to be the leader in managing the enterprises in Qatar by finding real solutions to core problems rather than sticking plaster.


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To provide integrated industrial solutions related to enterprise management and help your business from scratch through the way in all details.


The Founders

Nasser Al Kuwari

CEO & Founder of RISE Enterprise

One of the youngest, self-made entrepreneur in the country with a keen eye for innovation and creativity. As a law graduate of Durham University & The University of California at Berkeley, Nasser Al Kuwari knows exactly what hard work means
 and what it entails. He successfully established his first business venture at the age of 24. With Qatar's widespread support to young and budding entrepreneurs, and has found himself passionately immersed in the global business world.

Al Kuwari established RISE Enterprise to be his core company and a holding company in 2015, now RISE Enterprise have more than 19 companies & more than 350 employees in many sectors and continue to grow in every day.

Characterised by a hands-on leadership style, he continues to exceed the organisational boundaries of leadership and management. He recognises the value of employee input and uses innovation to lead effectively and drive results. As a leader, he actively engages his employees in ideation, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Areas of expertise:



Strategic Planning

Business Development

Leadership skills


Risk Taker

Ahmad Al Thani

Chairman & Founder of RISE Enterprise

Sheikh Ahmad has an intensive portfolio in business, he began his career by graduating from University with a degree in International Business, and quickly after he began working as a Senior Finance Analyst for Al Jazeera - one of the biggest media channels in the world.

Whilst working in a heavy corporate environment this was not enough for Sheikh Ahmad, as he has a constant desire to exploit his time and he started to create a balance in managing his businesses within RISE alongside the corporate environment he was in.

Sheikh Ahmad is constantly on the search for new and developing markets and ways to generate revenue but besides all, Sheikh Ahmad has a critical and astonishing detail to finance with tremendous financial capabilities.

Areas of expertise:

Financial Analysis

Planning and Forecasting
Complex Problem Solving
Effective Decision Making



RISE Enterprise - Small and Medium Enterprise Excellence Award, Qatar Development Bank



RISE Enterprise - Small and Medium Enterprise Excellence Award, Qatar Development Bank



RISE Enterprise - Small and Medium Enterprise Excellence Award, Qatar Development Bank



RISE Enterprise - Top 10 Small and Medium Enterprise in Qatar,  Muscat, Sultanate of Oman 



SASSO - Favourite Fine Dining Italian Restaurant, FACT Qatar Magazine Awards



NOIR - Best Coffee House, FACT Qatar Magazine Awards



NOIR - Editor's Choice Luxury Café Lounge,
LLQ Lifestyle Choice Awards



SASSO - Editor's Choice Authentic Italian Flavours,
LLQ Lifestyle Choice Awards

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